A few reasons against the Smash Bros “leak”

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6 min readOct 2, 2021

Either this ages very well or I end up looking like a dumbass.

Bittersweet. That’s the word I would use to describe the fact that an era is coming to an end. One of the greatest titles of all time is about to end this October 5th with one last character. This final reveal is upon us and I think we can all say that we expect something exciting, crazy and mind-blowing. If it’s another goddamn Pokémon or a blue-haired Fire Emblem asshole, I will spend an entire week grieving for yet another fracture inside my already shattered heart.

But suddenly, there was light. A few days ago, a supposed leak from 4chan popped up that allowed us to dare to hope for a massive reveal. If you’ve been into the speculation scene you probably now that trusting internet “leaks” is as wise as trying to place a piece of cheese on an active mouse trap with nothing but your genitalia.

However, there is a good reason as to why this leak has garnered the attention of major media outlets and Youtubers alike. From all the “leaks” that have been discussed, particularly concerning the period of the second fighters pass, this one has an unusually strong case for itself.

If you wish to enter the reveal with an absolute fresh mind, I advice you to stop reading right now. Without further ado, here is the infamous 4chan leak.

Forgive the awful quality, it’s all I could find.

At first glance, you might seem to think that this is just another hopeless virgin with acne the size of oranges just toying with us. However, if you take a closer look you will realize as to why this leak has received so much attention.

This 4chan post dating back to the 30th of July this year correctly predicted the exact date for the official announcement of the final fighter of the second pass. Nailing that information is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. Truly miraculous in every sense of the word.

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