My Unusual Pick For a Game That Would Make a Cool Movie

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6 min readNov 12, 2023

Now that the world of gaming and movies are becoming more and more intertwined, here’s a rather strange suggestion to move forward.

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After the success of movies like Gran Turismo and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the interest of big studios to adapt video games to the “big screen” has definitely been sparked. Announcements like the upcoming The Legend of Zelda project as well as Francis Lawrence’s Bioshock are just confirmations that this will definitely be a new era for both industries to cash out on fans desperate for anything other than soulless superhero flicks.

Since I firmly believe we won’t be able to stop them from cannibalizing every recognizable saga in gaming, I thought I might as well offer my suggestion into the mix. If you can’t beat them, at least show them the path of least shittiness!

The world of cinema is in dire need of good movies. I don’t particularly like to use the word “escapist” because good art is so much more than that. But I do agree that modern films have stopped being good-willed creations designed to make the audience feel good. Instead, we have transformed them into formulaic CGI shitfests with the occasional pandering towards some half-assed “message” that will most likely alienate half (sometimes even more) of its entire viewership. Definitely not a crappy recipe for success!

So just like with Gran Turismo and the Mario movie, my suggestion would be to return to the good old times were movies were meant to provide relief and entertainment. I do not want another famous saga being used as a way for resentful creators to expose their disagreements with the world. All I want are simple and effective stories that respect the foundations where they came from. No exceptions!

So many game franchises have been suggested for this herculean task. Some have already been made, others at least remain on the pipeline for future projects. My suggestion, as far as I’m concerned, has never been discussed out loud. This is partly why I consider it a great idea to develop it into a movie.

But more importantly, I chose this particular game title because it is a great opportunity to develop the dying art of animation into a genre that is rarely explored anymore. Of course, I’m talking about



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